Leave school

退学 flunk out; leave school 退学生 dropout student

为您解答drop out of school退学,辍学

退学= to withdraw from school (study)

beloved teacher:I was poor, basic english is great pressure, the class could not understand the exam, did not meet the demands of the division. in thailand to learn me, i can't keep up with others, i want to put out in other respects. maybe i can have

The Certification Of Leaving School This is a certify that Liu Yang had studied economic in the Hu Nan Institute of Technology from September 2004 to june 2005. He need to leave school because he want to study abroad in Japan. He points your school approval !

Dear Sir or Madam,I am very honored to be accepted by Management Development Institute of Singapore. In its fifth decade, MDIS has maintained its dedication to professionals through the provision of well-accredited courses, seminars and

我很伤心因为我要退学了I am very sad because I have to drop out如有疑问,请追问~如果有帮助,请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢~

He has dropped out of school, and I am guilty for that.如果要把句子写得稍微高档一点,用个从句:He has dropped out of school, for which I feel very guilty.

他由于身体原因,现在申请退学英语翻译:Because of his physical reasons, he is now applying for a drop out of school

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