candle 望采纳谢谢

taper candle 柱形蜡烛:specialty candle 浮蜡:pillar candle 果冻蜡烛:gel candle 专业蜡烛蜡烛的统称:candle 锥形蜡烛

英文原文:candle 英式音标:[knd()l] 美式音标:[kndl]

candle 吹灭蜡烛:blow out the candles

蜡烛:candle 烛光:candle light

蜡烛 [简明汉英词典] bougie(还有探针的意思) candle(较常用) wax candle

一、蜡烛的英文candle,音标英 [kndl]、美 [kndl].二、释义:1、n.蜡烛;烛光;蜡烛状物 The candle was blown out by the wind.蜡烛被风吹灭了.2、vt.对光检查 To make sure that the eggs are fresh, we had better candle them one by

birthday candle 英[b:θdei kndl] 美[bθde kndl] n. 寿烛; [例句]The birthday candle was lit up, it glistens like the hope in children's dream.生日的蜡烛点燃了,它像小人的梦中,那闪烁的希望.

蜡烛candle的读音:英 [kndl]、美 [kndl] n.蜡烛;烛光;蜡烛状物 vt.对光检查1、Under the pretence of lighting a candle, she evades him and disappears 她假装点蜡烛,避开他消失了.2、The tramp produced a stump of candle from

candle 蜡烛wax 蜡

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