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relate to

relate to:有关,涉及 Examples:1. Children need to learn to relate to other children. 孩子们应该学会与其他孩子友好相处.2. Some adults can't relate to children. 有些成年

relate to和be related to意思不同,区别是:读音不同、含义不同、用法不同.一、读音不同1、relate to 读音:英 [rlet tu] 美 [rlet tu] 2、be related to 读音:英

有 1. 有关[网络释义]relate to 1.涉及,与…有关 2.与…相关的 3.有关联 4.叙述 relate .to 1.与 联系,理解

relate to 有关,涉及 Relate to us your adventures.告诉我们你的冒险故事.Some adults can't relate to children.有些成年人不理解儿童的想法.related to 与 相关 These two events were related to each other.这两个事件相互有联系.

relate to 英 [rileit tu:] 美 [rlet tu] 词典 涉及; 同…有…关系; 与…协调; 将…与…联系起来 与…有关; 关于; 理解 双语例句 1 All these questions relate to philosophy. 这些问题都跟哲学有关.2 I think it is important for children to have brothers and sisters they can relate to. 我认为对孩子们来讲有可以相互理解沟通的兄弟姐妹很重要.3 He is unable to relate to other people. 他无法理解他人的想法.

relate 做不及物动词时,后跟to 存在结构就是sth. relate to sth./sb.relating是分词形式,可以作后置定语.说明sth和主语主动关系 the question relating to our affairs is under

to 是涉及 with 是使涉及 relate通常与to搭配:relate…to…;be related to associate通常与with搭配 connect既可以与to又可以与with

relate to 的意思是"涉及;有关".例:This paragraph relates to the international situation.这段讲的是国际形势.relate with的意思是“符合” 例:What he said doesn't relate

related to 和 associate with都是和相关的意思.一般情况下可以通用,但有一点小的差别. 首先,他们关联的程度略有不同,associated with的关联更加紧密一些,而

作为关连连系等意思 relate to related to relating to 形容词 relative to sth 与某事有关 relate 是正式用法 注意relative也可以是指相对的比较 relatively 副词则没有关联的意思 片语考点 relate something to something 把两件不同的事联系起来 relate something to somebody 讲述某事情给某人 relate to somebody/something 表示可以理解或认同 某事/某人的事情 in relation to sth 对某事物而言

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