angry ['????gri] adj. 生气的[ 形容词比较级angrier 形容词最高级angriest ] angry ['????ri] adj. 1. 怒的,发怒的,愤怒的,生气的(about, at, over, with) 2. (风雨、风浪等

be angry at sth.因某事而生气get angry at sth.因某事而生气be angry about sth.因某事而生气get angry at about sth.因某事而生气be angry with sb.生某人的气get angry with sb.生某人的气be angry at sb. for因生某人的气get angry at sb. for因生某人的气make sb. angry使某人生气

adj. 1. 愤怒的, 生气的2. (天气等)恶劣的, 狂怒的3. (伤口)疼痛 Very angry or resentful 怒目而视[低落的情绪] Be angry with sb. 生某人的气 Get angry with sb. 生某人的气 a persisting angry mood. 一种长时间气愤的情绪. an angry vicious expression. 愤怒凶狠的面部表情.

angry 英['r] 美[ri] adj. 生气的;愤怒的,发怒的;(颜色等)刺目的;(伤口等)发炎的 最高级:angriest;比较级:angrier

angry [英]['r][美][ri] adj.生气的; 愤怒的,发怒的; (颜色等)刺目的; (伤口等)发炎的; 最高级:angriest比较级:angrier [例句]she was angry about

angry: [ 'gri ] a. 生气的 词形变化: 形容词比较级:angrier 最高级:angriest 例句与用法: 1. I was angry with him for keeping me waiting. 我对他很生气,因为他让我等

angry的名词:anger 读法:英 ['g] 美 ['] 释义:1、n. 怒,愤怒;忿怒2、vt. 使发怒,激怒;恼火3、vi. 发怒;恼火4、n. (Anger)人名;(罗)安杰尔;(法)

形容词. 发怒的,愤怒的,生气的,红肿的 网络. 气愤 变形. 比较级:angrier,最高级:angriest 搭配. angry look,angry crowd,angry mob,angry voice,angry response [例句] the newspaper's distortion of what he said made him very angry. 报纸对他的话的曲解令他十分生气.

angry ['ri] adj.1. 怒的,发怒的,愤怒的,生气的(about, at, over, with)2. (风雨、风浪等)狂暴的,凶猛的;(有)暴风雨的;风雨交加的3. (患处)发炎的,肿痛

愤怒形容词生气angry, mad, pissed-off愤怒angry, indignant, raging恼怒angry, furious恼angry, annoyed, worried, unhappy忿怒angry, indignantjoyless, impatient, angry, crabbed, crabby, hasty赫conspicuous, grand, angry, glowing, awe-inspiring忧郁gloomy, sullen, morose, brooding, glowering, angry火儿angry

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