come to 的用法 一、come to 后接名词、数词、代词或不接任何词: 1)谈到, 涉及到: When it comes to physics, he is a complete stranger. 谈到物理, 他完全是个外行

come 英[km] 美[km] vi. 来;开始;出现;发生 . 来;来到Could you come (to) see me tomorrow? 你明天能来看我吗? Come and look at the picture. 过来看看这幅画. vt. 做;装扮…的样子;将满(…岁) int. 嗨! [例句]Where do those intuitions come from?那些直觉是从哪里来的呢? 第三人称单数:comes过去分词:come现在进行时:coming过去式:came


come[英][k m] [美][k m] 生词本 简明释义 vi.来;开始;出现;发生 vt.做;装扮…的样子;将满(…岁) int.嗨!第三人称单数:comes过去式:came过去分词:come现在分词:coming

歌名:《Come Into My World》, 演唱歌手:Kylie Minogue.专辑:《fever》. 歌词:Come, come, come into my world Won't you lift me up, up, high upon your love Take

come [km] vi. 来;开始;出现;发生;变成;到达 vt. 做;假装;将满(…岁) int. 嗨! 例句: 1.would you come to our party, please? 请你来参加我们的聚会好吗? 2.when can you come? 你什么时候能来?. 3.rain, rain, go away. come again another day. 大雨大雨快离开.隔些日子再过来.

come [km] vi. (came [keim]; come) 来, 到; 走近; 接近; 到来, 来临 产生, 发生; 发现; 引起 〔常与to连用〕来自; 归因是, 结果是 出现于, 位于 达到, 延伸

根据主语的不同,动词的形式也就不同,come是个动词,所以要根据人称改变:第一人称和第二人称都用原型:come 第三人称单数时用:comes 例句:他(我)骑车来这里.He comes here by bike.(单三) I come here by bike.(原型) 明白了么 愿你的英语越来越好哦

come是一个动词就是“来”的意思它单独使用需要接介词come to就是来到比如说come to school来到学校

Dale Arden - Come Baby Come You can call my name anytime you want You can talk to me when there's something wrong You can touch my soul, you can break my bones

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