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֪ҽѧ.Ӣ:רI majored in medicine.:I take medicine as my major.صʻ:major; specialize; be responsible for the repair [overhaul]; major inҽѧmedicine; medical science; iatrology; physic


ҽӢ:doctor ֻ(medical)ǣйҽ\ҽѧģ(ݴ)顱() doctorǡҽ()ҽ() ÷n. () doctorʿʱ,ʾѧѧλ. doctorҽʱ,

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-plastic surgeon (department)-general surgery (department)-operating theatreǿ-orthopedics (department)-obstetrical (department)-neurosurgery (department)-urinary surgery (department)ڿ-


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ҽѧӢԻ Good morning. What's troubling you ?(What's your trouble?)Ϻ,ﲻ?Doctor, I have a terrible headache.,ͷ۵.All right , young man, tell me how it got started.ż,С,ô

absorbent gauze ˮɴgauze swab ҩǩgauze roll ɴgauze ball ɴgauze bandage ɴgauze products/lap sponge ɴƷ/޾ɴPBT babdage ӦPBT bandage,PBTbandages/triangular bandage /DZnon-woven/triangular bandage Ƿ֯/DZ

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