金山词霸 不就可以啊

Gompert:Everyone, last night for Karkand raid is not too successful, but we have achieved the established goal Gompert:However, each company recuperation in this morning, we have one M1A2 lose radio contact with HQ.Gompert:Just got the

Om gam Ganapataye Namaha, Namaste !

i won't let you down,neither will make you feel lonely. please trust me, you must live a happy life, no matter how hard it will be in the future, at least you have my greeting and my love for you. through i may not be the best, i believe that no one can give you the better love than me.

用金山词霸2009牛津版,里面支持在线翻译…,很好用的……准确率挺高的 Since the 21st century, with the rapid economic and social development and


I never ever hate you or blame you,I only want you tell you solftly :,Darling, please allow me to call you this,buti still love you !

在线扫描英译汉在线翻译器可以使用手机上面的微信扫一扫翻译功能实现翻译. 操作方法: 1、首先,打开手机上面的微信,并点击进入. 2、进入到微信界面,选择下方的发现,并选择上方的扫一扫选项. 3、然后进入到扫一扫功能界面,选择翻译,再选择导入要翻译的英文文章. 4、这样就会进入扫一扫的翻译界面. 5、扫描完毕,最后就会显示翻译的中文结果出来了.

Abstract: English is today the most international language, English-speaking people in the world's most widely distributed. Along with social progress, English in our country's position in various fields has become increasingly important. Learn the

1 i learned to ride a bicycle 2 i can swim! 3 i learned to painting! 4 i learned to play the piano! 5 when i was 18 years old, i in taobao shop selling clothes, and made my first bucket of gold, but because of the pressure of learning, my mother stopped me, so i opened only half a year 部分是自己在网上查单词弄的 应该是原创的

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